by hugo and zoe

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released May 1, 2012

voice / johana merta
gameboy / ondrej merta
ukulele / vaclav pelousek

mix / merta
master / pelousek, merta



all rights reserved


hugo and zoe Czech Republic

"Bands like Hugo & Zoe from Brno / Czech Republic/ have created something of a folk exploitation craze, where improvisation is more evident in the social context than in the music."
Felix Kubin

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Track Name: Last Time
Turn over the earth
for me little faster
Please make a dead swan sings
for me little longer
Please create the fire
little warmer
Please build the spirit
little harder
Please remember this forever
Please do not give up
now and never

Last time
I promise

Who are You
and who am I
I forgot Your face,
but I know,
that I saw her

Nothing may be as I wish,
nothing may be as I know.
Track Name: Colours Aren't
I have many questions
I want to know the answers
I am standing before
I am looking into
I can not see trought
so I can not tell You
I am waiting on
I am looking for
I do not leave
I believe
I am dreaming about
and the behind is meadow

I open my eyes
everything has gone away
the voice is comming
following me
And now I have only one question
Are colours?
And You say

Green is colour of hope,
but is also colour of fence.
Track Name: Fire
Blaze comes with a wild wind to the desert
and wolves are afraid of the fire
Good to know
True You know
Keep in burning yourself

Be quiet and burn
Be good and burn

When time stops
When the sun comes out
Then will go to dark
The night had fallen down

Fallen in flame
Fire testing us
and fill us with the Light

Keep your soul
Fallen in flame
Track Name: Hunters
There in the fields
are sleeping clouds
Their mouths smell like
the fear and the history

Hunters give You just a little moment
for your quick breath
They want to look our death

Small harmonique plays
in near forrest,
but we must run

Silver knives looking for us
pray and quick move saves us
silver knives looking for us
Hurry up
Track Name: Space Race
Alone without You
I am in darkside
Alone without You
I am darkside
but with You
I am in the light of eternity

We can not speak about together
just because your moorfull look say me
It is not play, it is space race

It is good to know it, know why?
it is difficult to say it,
but I do not want to be quiet

You are in my veins
You are in my mind
You are makking me talk
talk things love
and puppets like am I
like I am

On the roads betwen planets
I feel the war

Why are You so shy / shine?
Track Name: Go And See
I pretend nothing
and please You do it too
Give me the naked trueth

I see everything
and please You do it too
Destroy illusion
Keep the continue

You can not translate my dreams
but it does not matter
Never say never

It is not illusion
magic is not real
quilty is away
do not blame
say anymore
let an angr go

Go and see
at the mountain the burning tree

Before than will start the storm
like a flash without clouds
in your soul

Go slow to deep water
Track Name: Golem
I smell the blood father
I smell the flowers my mother

Golem is comming in my mind
Golem is waiting on my sign

I am cry
I am waiting on him
Where am I
I am on the street
and it is darkness
I hear some steps
but noone is with me
and the shoes are to small for me


Golem is comming on my sign
Golem is waiting in my mind

He can love You
He can kill You
He does everything
what I tell him